At MYX, the health and safety of our students, staff and local communities are our top priority.

As Covid-19 continues to affect our students and communities across the globe, MYX is actively monitoring global health developments and all relevant regulations and requirements related to the locations in which MYX operates. In some cases, MYX protocols and requirements may extend beyond host country requirements.

Our decisions are based on the latest scientific information available, and MYX team members responsible for health and safety issues monitor changes at the global and local levels. Our protocols will be updated as appropriate in response to conditions on the ground that impact our students, staff and communities.

What will students need to do before traveling to MYX with respect to Covid-19?

Students will receive detailed pre-departure information from MYX as the semester approaches, based on the

What safety measures and requirements are in place for students arriving at MYX locations?

Students will be required to comply with all relevant national and international travel regulations as well as

Will students need to be tested prior to departing their home country?

Yes, MYX requires students to provide a negative Covid-19 test result before departing their home country. Even where it is not strictly

Will students be required to quarantine upon arrival at their MYX location?

Since things are changing rapidly, we cannot say definitively whether quarantine will be required upon arrival at MYX locations. We will

Will students be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

MYX is encouraged by the development of the COVID-19 vaccine and we will be requiring students to be fully vaccinated before attending a MYX program.

What happens if a student contracts Covid-19 while at MYX?

MYX Houses have protocols in place to assist a student who contracts Covid-19 while at MYX. These protocols are developed in line with

How will MYX guarantee the health of students?

The safety of MYX students and staff is our highest priority. MYX will make decisions about health and safety based on the latest information